Asbury 1970

Changing times faced America in 1970. Just two years removed from 1968, perhaps one of the most turbulent years in American history. 1970 held for many an uncertain future, as the sexual revolution was underway. Drugs and rock n roll dominated many college campuses and the voice of God - ignored and unknown in many hearts. But the Lord's call to repentance was being heard in some quarters. On February 3, 1970, students and faculty members had shown up at Asbury College's regular chapel service at the Hughes Auditorium. They gathered for what they assumed would be one more routine meeting. Students were required to attend chapel services three times a week. Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, a city of 4,300 about 16 miles south of Lexington is an interdenominational Christian college who's roots are in the Wesleyan tradition of the Methodist Church. On that Tuesday morning, 1970, Pastor Reynolds, Asbury's academic Dean and Methodist layman was in charge. Reynolds did not preach, instead he briefly gave his testimony. Then he issued an invitation for students to talk about their own Christian experiences, and there was nothing unusual about such an invitation being made from the pulpit. One student responded to his offer, then another, and then another. Then without warning heaven broke loose during the 10:00 A.M. Chapel service. Students started pouring to the altar and the dam of pride broke under the presence of God. Many came weeping to the front to kneel in repentance, others gave testimonies including confession of sin, and all of this was mixed with a spontaneous singing. Worship filled the air. Lectures were canceled for the day as the auditorium filled with over a thousand people. Few left for meals. By midnight over 500 still remained in prayer and worshiping the Lord. Several hundred committed their lives to Christ that day. By 6:00 A.M. the next morning there were still 75 students praying and through Wednesday it filled again as all lectures were canceled. The time was filled with praying, singing, confessions and testimonies. Many students even professors sought out others to whom they had done wrong deeds and asked forgiveness. Asbury like many evangelical organizations held annual, scheduled, so called revivals with guest ministers and services booked in advance. This however was not the same, no one had planned it, and no one person was leading it. Tens of thousands were renewed and thousands more were saved. News of the outpouring spread in the newspapers and on television. Strangers flocked to Wilmore to worship with students. Teams of students were sent out to other campuses and churches around the nation to evangelize and report what the Lord's presence was doing at Asbury. All the while intercession was being offered up during the Asbury services for their success. The service, a routine meeting scheduled for 50 minutes turned into a 185 hour non-stop 24 hour a day prayer and worship service. Impacting for months and impacting souls across the states.

...know them that labour among you... 1 Thessalonians 5:12 * ...pray for one another... James 5:6 * ...the eye cannot say to the hand I have no need of thee... 1 Corinthians 12:21 * ...there is one Body and one Spirit... Ephesians 4:4 * ...the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth... Ephesians 4:16 * ...I pray that they may be one with us so that the world will believe...John 17:21 * pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity...Psalm 133:1 "The purpose of life is companionship." *** "Worship is that form of companionship where we love on Him in response to His great love for us." *** "The most powerful drive in the human heart is the desire for companionship." *** "We inherited this drive from the One we were patterned after." *** "The difference between manipulation and leadership is motive." *** "Motive is purified and guided in the presence of God: Prayer." *** "Pride is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, an attitude of self-entitlement and a motive for self-glorification." *** "Pride starts subtly and then turns into the aggressive enemy of real companionship" *** "The Cross and the presence of God brings fellowship (heart to heart), but the world offers only socializing (facade to facade)." *** "Every relationship has a foundation. The pride of public ministry has been a foundation for too many. At some point it consumes" *** "There is a difference between worshipping the idea that we worship God and actually worshipping God." *** "Why do we want to see prayer back in the schools, when it is no longer in our homes or churches?" *** "Corporate prayer around the Throne must return the center of church life if there is to be any hope for the masses." *** "Corporate prayer produces effective preaching, not preaching produces corporate prayer." *** "If we are so in the know, why do we no longer gather together to seek God, navigate through our haughty hearts to get a glimpse of God's heart and then pray in the lost?" *** "Christianity is not an enterprise, venture for self-discovery or political or civic organization. It is a Blood-bought fellowship of prayer focused on One." *** "Prayer-based friendships are the only ones that last." *** "Prayer-bathed friendships are not incidental to ministry, they are foundational." *** "Prayer is not a ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is the ministry" *** "It's one thing to tell somebody what we believe about Jesus, it's quite another to be able to introduce someone to our Best Friend." *** "We are more like Martha than Mary; More like Christian activists, than people of prayer." *** "We need unity in humility found at the foot of the Cross, not prideful uniformity that says: 'Look at us doing God's work'" "There has got to be a practical, excecutable strategy in place for us to dethrone the ministry of Hollywood in our homes and bring families and communities together via corporate prayer inspired by the Spirit. Technology is not the enemy; Our disobedient laziness is the enemy." ***